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The Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Development Awareness, CESDA is a non-profit, non-partisan civil society organization founded in 2016 as a response to call for good governance and protection of Nigeria Environment and its natural resources.

main thrust is to promote civic responsibility, enhancement of good standard of living through advocacy for environmental policies and obligation for deepening and sustaining democratic development in Nigeria. In achieving its set objectives, CESDA employs civic education, stakeholders engagement, advocacy and campaign, observation of the electoral process, research and documentation, information sharing, seminars, workshops, grassroots organizing, and networking.

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The Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Development Awareness, CESDA, a Nigerian civil society advocacy group decries the increasing spate of insecurity across the country. Insecurity poses a significant threat to Nigeria’s stability and development as a nation. The situation in the country is so tensed that Nigerians are now living in fear and apprehension and can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed.

We are highly concerned  about the available data on the level and dimensions of insecurity in the country which portends a serious threat to lives and properties as well as business activities. The above you will agree have unprecedentedly increased the economic challenges of the country.

No doubt, the current insecurity situation has drastically affected the nation’s economic growth which has resulted in increased unemployment, dwindled government revenue and loss of lives and properties on daily basis.

The scourge of kidnapping for ransom remains a pervasive threat to the country’s security landscape. Some of the reported cases are horrifying and deeply concerning. It’s heart-wrenching to hear about innocent individuals, especially children, being taken away from their families and subjected to such unimaginable trauma.

There is no gainsaying the fact that with an unending cycle of insecurity such as banditry, kidnapping and insurgency, no challenge since independence has persevered for so long like the current situation.

As the challenge lingers, the effectiveness of the government‘s response remains in its ability to take prompt but decisive and coordinated actions in addressing its root causes and bringing lasting solutions.

To this end, government must be proactive by leveraging advanced intelligence gathering, forming strategic partnerships with various necessary stakeholders including communities.

Effective coordination among security agencies is equally essential for optimal resource allocation and strategic development of personnel and assets in addition to prioritizing  long term solutions aimed at addressing corruption and other lapses as may be identified on the part of government.

The approach must be multifaceted with investment in cutting-edge technology and digital solutions if the scourge of insecurity must be effectively won in Nigeria.

The insecurity and sense of helplessness among citizens is a serious concern that has far reaching implications for the well-being of Nigerians as well as our national stability. As such, any meaningful improvement in the situation must include total rejigging Nigeria’s security architecture and strategies from its current state.

Finally, while we offer our thoughts and prayers to all the families who have been affected by insecurity across the country, we urge government to ensure provision of necessary psycho-social and community support services to help Nigerians cope with the trauma.


Olusola Babalola

Executive Director, CESDA

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